Driving by car
Follow the E6 from Oslo/Trondheim to Dombås. Choose the E136 from Dombås to Åndalsnes and drive towards Ålesund. The Rv61 will take you from Spjelkavik to Sulasundet. There is a ferry from Sulasundet to Hareid. When you leave Hareid you follow the map above to take you to Fosnavåg.From Bergen you follow the E39. Ferries from Rjånes to Eiksund or from Koparnes to Årvik.

The coastal steamer
The coastal steamer travels the coast daily. Travelling between Bergen and Kirkenes both the north- and the southbound arrives in Torvik. From Torvik you can catch a local bus to Fosnavåg.

Ålesund airport Vigra connects Sunnmøre to domestic and international flights. From the airport you go by bus either to Valderøy or Ålesund, where you'll find the express-boat to Hareid. From Hareid you can travel by bus to Fosnavåg.

Travelling by train
You can travel by train both by and day and night from Trondheim or Oslo to Åndalsnes. From the railway-station you can travel by bus for about 100 km (Rv 9) to Ålesund. There is an express-boat from Ålesund to Hareid, and a bus from Hareid to Fosnavåg.

Travelling by bus
There are express-bus rides from Oslo to Fosnavåg and from Trondheim to Ålesund. From Ålesund you can catch the express-boat to Hareid, and a bus from Hareid to Fosnavåg.


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