Activities and sights in the area
If you travel south in Sunnmøre towards the Norwegian sea, you will discover an active society rich with contrast. This is where you find our hotel, in the centre of the village Fosnavåg. The choice is yours: fishing, scubadiving, photographing, painting, hiking - or simply relaxing. Viewing nature can be as exciting over as under water, where the flora and fauna can take your breath away.

The birdisland Runde has got a unique status in Scandinavia with approximately 230 observed species. More than 500 000 seabirds nest here. It's an amazing experience to view the birds whether it's from the cliffs or from the sea. Boat-trips are available from the harbour in Runde. Safaris to the preserved seal-colony on Grasøyane are available daily. Bridges and good roads connect the islands. The history of the area can be experienced in historical plays and museums.

Sunnmøre has been blessed with magnificent scenery - also under water. Most people have yet to explore the fascinating under-water views, but an increasing amount of people are becoming aware of these.

The only major bird-mountain in southern Norway is Runde. Some of the 230 species observed in this unique bird-island are puffin, common guillmot, arctic petrel, gannet and auk.

Herøy Kystmuseum
Herøy kystmuseum (coastal museum) consists of renovated buildings from the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. One of the attractions is the Kvalsund-boat (a small Viking-ship from about the year 600). One of the buildings, the boathouse, contains a country-store, boats and tools. On the first floor you will find and arctic gallery with collections from the seal-hunting era. The main-building has been restored to its former glory (around 1820). You'll also find the remains of a medieval church (approximately year 800). Guided tours are available in Norwegian, English and German.

Fishing at sea, seal-safaris
Fishing at sea, seal-safaris, sightseeing - these are real adventures. Local passenger-/fishing- boats take you from Runde to the ocean where the best fishing-sites can be found by Grasøyane, Runde and Svinøya.

The local, historical play "Kongens ring" is performed annually on the first weekend of July. The play is an impressive saga from the Viking era. It's based on an authentic portray depicted in "Snorre" (the most important Norse national epic) and is set in 1027. This is the story of an authentic encounter between Norway's heroic king Olav Haraldson and the Viking Møre-Karl. The plot tells us a fascinating tale of the fight between good and evil - between duty and honour. "Kongens ring" has received words of praise both nationally and abroad.


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